The Old-Fashioned Methods Are Sometimes The Best

We have been asked on numerous occasions whether our method of key recovery is dated. ‘Is your service a bit old-fashioned now?‘, ‘Do you worry about competition from the new lost property tags with trackers and mobile apps?’

The honest answer is that we were a little worried when they first came out, but now…no! We have not seen any decline in sales at all and our service continues to be reliable and successful. Technology always comes with some flaws and sometimes the old-fashioned methods are the best!

We still use simple chrome keyrings with the message ‘If found please phone 0800 9704798 or go to Reward if registered.’ along with a unique membership number on each key fob.

Lost Key Recovery Service Keyring

There are no electronics, no clever apps, no technology at all… we just rely on the age-old method of people contacting us when they find one of our member’s keys. But it works! We re-unite many people with their keys, often before they even realise they’ve been lost. And it’s only £5/year!

If you question people’s honesty or think they won’t make the effort to contact us then think again! The vast majority of people want to help. TfL (Transport for London) stated a few years ago that people even handed £1 coins in to their lost property office. The majority of people are happy to help re-unite someone with their lost keys. What would you do if you found some keys with our message on… I’m pretty sure you’d contact us. 

It only takes a minute to call and the phone number is an 0800 number, so free of charge (usual exceptions to this apply). If the finder prefers then they can just complete our 1 minute form on our website. And then of course there’s the reward!

So you don’t have to walk around trying to get your app to pick up the tracker signal from the device on your keys, you don’t have to worry about being in signal range, you don’t have to worry about the battery going dead… you just have to rely on someone finding your keys and being one of the 99.9% of the population who will want to try to help you. And before anyone asks, this is our estimated figure and not a proven one!

I mean, what happens if you lose your keys in London before getting the train home to Scotland and then realise you’ve lost your keys? Do you really have to get back on the train and go all the way back there to try and track them down? Maybe you could phone all your mates and get them out with their phones trying to track them down.

Lost Keys on way to train - Lostakey recovery service

If you were with Lostakey you probably would have had a call before you got on the train and could have contacted the finder to arrange to collect them straight away. If it was too late and you were already on your way home, you can arrange for them to be sent to you (we do always advise caution with security when someone has your keys so suggest an alternative postal address).

Working for Lostakey entails many happy phone calls hearing customer reactions, from people being overwhelmingly grateful that their keys were found to people who at first are slightly disbelieving that they have lost their keys only to reach into their pocket or handbag and find that yes they have indeed lost them! The simplicity of our service which just relies on human decency should somewhat restore your faith in the human race.

Buy our key cover now for just £5/year. You can even get the first year free of charge!

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